An option for your tithe and offerings is Text to Give.

If your interested in this easy pay way, all you need to do is text your giving amount (without decimal) and the Option you want to give towards to 740-370-4342. You then will get a reply to set up your “account” with your payment information. This is completely secure, fast and easy.

Here comes the EASY part. Once you get your account set up all you need to do is text dollar amount and an option. You can find the options below..

Example: 75 tithe (means your paying $75 on tithing) 45 building fund ($45 towards building fund)

Text to Give Options (subject to change if we need to add more choices)



Building Fund


Youth (Journey)

Israel Missions

McBeath Missions

Grace Place

Pastor Appreciation Fund

SWIM (Southwest Indian Ministry)

If you have any questions, please see Mike Stephens.