Such a wonderful program that involved so many people. Kids… way to pull it together. So proud of each one of you. Costumes (Barb), set design(Tim Barnett), Sound, lights (Tyler Kash Staton, Brian Primm), photos and video (Terry Brammer, Sherri Brammer), shirt prints (Cara Finch Langdon) and all the others… Carol Harless, Rhonda Mckeny, Joanna Valencourt Lucas, Melissa Stolls, Tracy Schneider and Vickie Wagner for being an amazing director.. Im so blessed to be a part of this program. And parents THANK YOU… for bringing the kids to practices, getting costumes, helping them learn their lines, listening to the songs till your ears bled. Lol, ect. forgive me if I forgot some one. Im overwhelmed with an amazing adventure. Till next time. Merry CHRISTmas.