Prayer Warriors. … Please petition the Lord on my moms behalf. She has bronchitis, not good with COPD. Her oxygen level is good, but her lungs are working too hard. They decided to intubate her. They are flying her to St.Marys ICU. She is now in an induced coma and on life support. She was aware of everything going on. We almost lost her in this same situation about 4 years ago. Please pray.

God is so good. When we think everything seemd hopeless God shows us differently. The message the morning spoke to my heart its time to get rid of some baggage. Praise God for my awsom church and the people who uplift me all the time

Prayers please for Eddie’s uncle Glen. He’s currently at CHH with pneumonia, but his cancer is near end stage and hospice was called last week to begin providing care. He’s praying for God to take him

Could use some prayers !

Pray warriors, please keep my dad in your prayers… he has to get a surgery that requires him to stop! Smoking or he walks in pain & has been throwing up a lot): I know it’s hard to quit but, he has no choice! My hands are so overflowing! Let’s just pray god will see him through this! I can only do so much I told him he has to but, he is wanting the drs to admit him in hospital for some other issues going on! Then he would have to quit! I need hel